About us

We have been present on the fence mesh market since the 1990s. We have experience and appropriate machinery to offer production services at the highest level. Thanks to extensive knowledge and a team of specialists who have been working with us for years, we are able to make a wide range of fences or fence elements, gaining satisfied customers. We work based on our skills, creating durable and aesthetic products. Quality is a key issue for us, which is why we put a lot of effort into maintaining it at the highest level. We are also open to the customer’s suggestions and needs, and we can adapt to their expectations.

We cooperate with small and large clients both in Poland and abroad. Customer satisfaction throughout the entire order process, from placing it to delivery, is the most important thing to us.


Polimet has been producing complete fencing systems from traditional woven mesh, fencing panels and plastic fencing elements for over 30 years.


During this time, we have perfected the wire and pipe coating process, offering the highest quality products. The protection provided by plastic translates into greater resistance of products to external factors.


The products we offer constitute complete fencing systems. All elements create a coherent whole that ensures aesthetics and compatibility.


By ensuring high quality and durability of our products, we extend the life of fences. We carry out the coating process responsibly, using approximately 50% recycled plastic for coating.


We are constantly expanding our product range, thinking about our planet, which is why we produce popular plastic nets mainly from recycled materials.


We are looking for new solutions in the field of fences. We create products that are supposed to be practical and durable.